Community Workshops

The EDO presents workshops in collaboration with community groups or dedicated individuals on environmental law issues.

These workshops are for people interested in understanding how to protect the environment using the law and how to participate in environmental decision-making.

Examples of workshops we can run for you are provided below. You will need to organise a group of between 10 and 15 people to attend. Please note there is a fee to cover travel and time costs.

Native Vegetation and Policy

Are you confused by. . . net gain, offsets, clause 52.17, overlays, the Native Vegetation Framework, conservation significance, endangered species laws . . .?

This full day workshop includes a presentation by EDO lawyers and plenty of opportunity for questions and participation. Morning, lunch and afternoon tea breaks provide opportunities for networking. Topics may include:

  • Implementation of the Native Vegetation Framework in local planning schemes including permit requirements, offsets and opportunities for community participation in decision making.
  • Protection of endangered species, vegetation, and habitat under Victorian and Commonwealth legislation.
  • Other topics depending on interest – e.g. weeds; local laws; native vegetation on public land.

Biodiversity Law

This full day workshop, presented by EDO lawyers, assists individuals and community groups to understand the legal and policy framework relevant to the conservation work they perform. It includes plenty of opportunity for questions and participation. The program is flexible and topics can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of workshop organisers. Topics can include:

  • An overview of Victorian and Commonwealth legislation such as the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 and the EPBC Act 1999.
  • Other legislation and policy frameworks relevant to biodiversity conservation including Australia’s international commitments under the Convention on Biodiversity, Ramsar etc.
  • An opportunity for critical evaluation of the operation of Victorian and Commonwealth legislation and needs or opportunities for reform.

If you or your group is interested hosting a workshop in your region, please contact the EDO on (03) 8341 3100 or