Revised Murray-Darling Basin Plan progresses

Mon 30/07/2012

On 28 May 2012 the Murray-Darling Basin Authority presented a revised draft of the proposed Basin Plan to the Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council (comprising of the relevant State Ministers from the Basin States). The Ministerial Council then provided its comments to the Authority on the proposed Basin Plan on 9 July 2012 (as it is required to do under Section 43A(4) of the Water At 2007). The Authority then conducted targeted consultations on the Ministerial Council comments document within a very tight timeframe.

The next step is for the Authority to decide whether it will alter the proposed Basin Plan, based on the Ministerial Council comments and the issues raised through consultations. EDO believes a further Proposed Basin Plan will be made public on 6 August 2012, after which the Ministerial Council has three weeks to provide any further comments directly to the Federal Minister for Environment. It will then be up to the Minister for Environment to either adopt the plan and table it in Parliament, or send it back to the Authority for further revisions.