EDO runs important case on human rights, privacy and protesters

Mon 30/07/2012

On 17 and 18 July the EDO acted in an important VCAT case about the degree to which privacy law and human rights apply to peaceful protesters.

The EDO acted for Lisa Caripis, a climate change writer and researcher who had been filmed by police when she attended a peaceful protest at the Hazelwood Power Station in 2010. Despite requests from Lisa, the police had refused to destroy the footage of Lisa. Lisa, assisted by the EDO and two pro bono barristers, argued that the Victoria Police's retention of the footage was in breach of Victoria's privacy laws, and Lisa's human rights.

The two-day hearing underscored the complexity of this area of law, and showed the importance of cases such as this in addressing not only Lisa's personal concerns, but also the broader public issue of the degree to which privacy and human rights laws protect environmental protesters. Read more about the case on Nick Croggon's blog.