EDO Appeals Kit A step-by-step guide to running a case in the Planning and Environment List of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

EDO Objections Kit An easy to understand booklet on all aspects of objecting to planning permits.

EDO Enforcement Kit A working guide to seeking enforcement in planning matters and to nuisance under the Health Act.

EDO Beyond Litigation Kit A comprehensive and practical guide on Alternative Dispute Resolution in planning and environment conflicts and preventing disputes through community involvement. Sample petitions are included.

Fact Sheets

The EDO has created a number of fact sheets to help individuals and community groups understand more about a range of issues. Click on the title for the fact sheet PDF.

Your Rights Against Coal Mines (PDF, 73KB)
This fact sheet explains what legal rights people have to halt coal mining in their communities, or on their land.

The Defamation Fact Sheet (PDF, 902KB)
This fact sheet helps you understand what defamation is, what must be proven for you to be found liable of defamation and what the available defences are.  The fact sheet also includes some practical tips about how to avoid being found liable for defamation.

Environmental Protesters Fact Sheet (PDF, 996KB)
This fact sheet explains your rights when protesting about environmental issues, and what powers the police or authorised officers may have to question, arrest or charge you.

FOI Fact Sheet (PDF,932KB)
This fact sheet explains how you can request documents from government agencies using the Victorian Freedom of Information Act.  The sheet sets out the steps for making a request and what your appeal rights are if the government agency refuses to provide you with the documents you have asked for.

How to write a law reform submission.

This handy guide will give you tips to make your law reform submission have the most impact with Government.

View Guide - How to write a law reform submission (PDF 90KB)