Legal Representation

When does the EDO provide legal representation?

Legal representation involves acting for a client in litigation or with respect to some other dispute or issue.

 As these services assume a greater level of ongoing responsibility and commitment of resources by the EDO, we can only provide legal representation where the matter involves a significant impact on the environment or significant legal or policy issues that are not restricted to a localised area or particular point in time.

Our aim is to use environmental laws to achieve environmental objectives, regardless of how worthy other associated objectives might be. We can only provide representation where we believe that the matter is within the competency of the EDO and when the necessary resources are available to provide the services sought to a high professional standard. We will require an assessment of the merits of a proposed matter both to ensure that resources are not wasted on hopeless matters and also to ensure that we can provide the best possible service.

Who do we act for?

Our clients include individual citizens, community groups and conservation organisations. 

Cases involving ongoing representation must meet our public interest criteria.  Usually, but not always, this means that our clients in these matters are community groups or conservation organisations pursuing public interest objectives.

We do not act for government departments, statutory authorities, councils, developers or business organisations.  We cannot act in circumstances that give rise to a conflict of interest, and we avoid acting in cases where the objectives being pursued are contrary to the objectives of client conservation groups.

Fees and charges

We aim to make to our legal services as accessible as possible. 

This does not mean that no fees and charges will be involved - legal action can be expensive and there will often be out of pocket expenses that will need to be paid including court fees, barristers fees and expert witness expenses.  We do not fund these disbursements or outlays.

We also often ask our clients to make some contribution to the cost of providing our services where possible. 

 Please contact us if you would like to discuss whether we can assist with your case.