Legal Advice

The EDO provides legal advice and assistance in public interest environmental law matters.

The EDO can provide different levels of assistance depending on the nature of the issue and our resources at the time. This will range from the simple provision of information or some preliminary or one-off legal advice and assistance, and right through to full legal representation.

Telephone advice service

Advice is typically provided via the EDO's telephone advice service. Advice will generally be focussed on either resolving your problem if that can be done easily or alternatively, providing guidance as to how you can do so yourself and/or seek further professional assistance. An EDO lawyer will take instructions from you and provide some advice about the options open to you and a preferred course of action. This does not involve any ongoing responsibility for your interests. Most of this legal advice will be provided over the telephone however we can also arrange consultations in suitable cases.

To speak to us about obtaining legal advice, please call 8341 3100 during business hours.  Callers from outside Melbourne can all on 1300 336 842.

Advice in writing

We often  provide a short written advice by letter or email.  Advice involving detailed instruction taking, legal research or other investigations will only be provided where the matter is concerned with protection of the environment, is in the public interest and the EDO has the resources to do the work to a high professional standard.

Legal representation

We provide ongoing legal representation in environmental law matters that meet our public interest criteria. Matters that meet the criteria typically involve a significant impact on the environment or an important issue of environmental law or policy.  We will only take on cases if we have the resources availalbe to properly pursue the matter.  Unfortunately we receive many more requests for assistance than we can meet so we have to be selective in what we agree to take on.  If we cannnot offer legal representation we can often assist with referrals to someone who can.

Read more about obtaining legal representation from the EDO on the Legal Representation page.

How to seek legal assistance

Contact us for telephone advice, full contact details available on the Contact us page.

If you would like to enquire about obtaining more detailed advice or legal representation, please call us - one of our lawyers will be very happy to discuss your case with you further.