Help shape Australia's environmental laws

An important part of the EDO's law reform work is to help people in the community to understand the impact of new or changed environmental laws, and assist them to have their say about those changes.

We run workshops in local communities to explain changes to the law and how they might impact the local area, and to support local communities to make submissions to government on the laws. We also help community groups develop proposals for how laws can be improved to better protect the environment which they can then take to government.

We produce written materials to help people in the community to engage on law reform issues such as briefing papers, reports and 'how to' guides.

If you would like assistance to understand a proposed change to laws that affect the environment, contact us on (03) 8341 3100 (metro) or 1300 336 842 (regional).

How to write a law reform submission.

This handy guide will give you tips to make your law reform submission have the most impact with Government.

View Guide - How to write a law reform submission (PDF 90KB)

Upcoming environmental law reform inquiries

For dates and details of all major Federal and Victorian law reform inquiries that impact the environment see our calendar of upcoming environmental law reform issues