VCAT Win for Locals

Mon 7/04/2014 4:56pm
Pea Soup Beach Port Fairy

Local residents Don Stewart and Jodie Honan, represented by EDO Victoria, have won their fight in VCAT to have the Powling Street Wetland complex recognised as significant habitat for the Latham's Snipe.

Repeal day is not just smoke and mirrors

Wed 26/03/2014 7:49pm

Today, 25 March 2014 was the big day, the promised “bonfire of regulations” – Repeal Day.  Many commentators have labelled the day a stunt, ridiculing it as “smoke and mirrors”.   Others have focussed on some of the seriously retrograde reforms proposed in the package of legislation.

‘Repeal day’ slogan ignores benefits of legal protections

Thu 6/03/2014 3:53pm
'Green tape' protects our communities and the natural world. Image: Louise Wolfers

If the Coalition is to be believed, there is more ‘red tape’ and ‘green tape’ plastered around the walls of Parliaments across Australia than there is at Santa Claus’ toy factory.

Tasmania's World Heritage forests under threat

Thu 6/03/2014 2:00pm
Ancient forests of the Styx Valley, Tasmania (Image: Melissa Aubrey )

The process of revoking the World Heritage status of 74,000 hectares of Tasmania’s native forests has begun.

Hazelwood coal mine fire update

Thu 6/03/2014 1:40pm
Hazelwood power station from central Morwell

Last week, I travelled to Morwell to speak with locals about their concerns. With clouds of ash and smoke drifting over the town, people were worried about their health and that of their children.

Protecting Latham’s Snipe Habitat

Thu 6/03/2014 10:41am
Latham's Snipe. Image courtesy of David Hollands

The shy and enigmatic Latham’s Snipe has travelled a long way from far eastern Russia and Japan to Victoria, only to find that its decades-old resting place in Port Fairy is under attack. The importance of February 2 was not lost on the tight-knight bird-loving community of Port Fairy.