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Run for the Environment


12th October 2014

The Run for the Environment, part of the Melbourne Marathon Festival, is the biggest annual fundraiser for the EDO.

Staff, lawyers, supporters, volunteers, families and friends put foot to pavement over a variety of distances to raise funds and awareness for the EDO in what is always a great day.

The event is about giving people the opportunity to show their support for the environment while shining a spotlight on the work of the EDO.

You might like to walk one of the smaller distances or set yourself a challenge, it’s all up to you and the EDO team will be there to support you along the way.

Why Run for the Environment?

  • You will receive a super snazzy running singlet that tells the world you Ran for the Environment
  • It’s a fantastic reason to get fit, get in shape and challenge yourself
  • You care about the environment enough to not only talk about it, but sweat from your earlobes for it
  • You will get invited to some of the hottest, VIP run-related parties and events
  • It’s a perfect opportunity to network with like-minded lawyers, barristers, eNGO leaders and others in the environment movement

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Environment Minister can help save Leadbeater’s Possum

•    Advisory group could not consider stopping logging of Leadbeater’s Possum habitat.
•    Interim Conservation Order needed to halt logging in remaining Leadbeater’s habitat.
•    Leadbeater’s Possum needs large Great Forest National Park to survive.

Government legal costs: Barrier to public interest cases, says EDO Victoria

EDO Victoria welcomes the Productivity Commission’s recommendations for Protective Costs Orders in today’s draft report on Access to Justice.

Pea Soup Beach Port Fairy VCAT Win for Locals

Local residents Don Stewart and Jodie Honan, represented by EDO Victoria, have won their fight in VCAT to have the Powling Street Wetland complex recognised as significant habitat for the Latham's Snipe.

VCAT rules wet land is best for birds

The Environment Defenders Office and the South Beach Wetlands and Landcare Group welcome VCAT’s ruling that a developer must make major concessions to safeguard the home of the Latham’s Snipe. This shy migratory bird returns annually to the Powling Street Wetland complex, in Port Fairy, to feed and rest, and restore it’s fat reserves for the long  migration back to Japan.